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Today Is The Day

'Today Is The Day' is not just another “how-to book” on success or changing your life.

--Yet these secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE money than you’ve ever earned before.

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“Dr. Bowen gives his mind, body and soul to us sharing every level of success imaginable. He’s the guy you want to be in a fox hole with.”

John Sommers
Next Level Success Strategies

“What Dr. Bowen does that others don’t do is he gives you the tools and he provides you the education to actually change your mindset around.”

Tammy Reoch
Unleash Your Voice

"It was a phenomenal experience working together, Dr. Bowen and his wife Ana are amazing hosts Mentors and teachers. The experience at the Hawaii Mastermind is in-explainable, I'm ready to go back"

Vicki Colt
Rock Your Life