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Helping you achieve your goals faster than you ever believed possible — that's my job.

I believe that excellence is a process – an achievable, continuous process that inevitably results when we learn to control how we think, what we expect, and what we believe. Helping you achieve excellence faster than you ever believed possible – that's my job.


Professional Business Coach, Author, Speaker, & Mentor

We are only as successful as our thoughts and actions, which is why life coach Obom Bowen strives to provide the tools and strategies needed for individuals from all backgrounds to achieve success and life the happiest life.

He may have started out as a United States Marine and entrepreneur, but a belief in no limits has led Obom Bowen to become one of the most highly respected educators in the world today. His singular style of teaching – taking the complex concepts and current research results from the fields of cognitive psychology and social learning theory, and making them easy to understand even easier to use – has brought his students from all over the globe.

Motivational speaker and self-made innovator Obom Bowen believes that excellence is a process – an achievable, continuous process that inevitably results when we learn to control how we think, what we expect and what we believe. International business, political, and military leaders consult with him on how to do more with less and bring out the best in those with whom they work. Top athletes come to him for help with mastering the psychological aspects of peak performance.

He works with educators on strategies that motivate both staff and students to set and achieve meaningful goals. His passion as a relationship coach resides in helping couples understand and achieve greatness within their relationships, going beyond their own self-imposed limitations and beliefs about relationships.

Obom’s experience in working with Fortune 500 companies spans over 17 years. When working with organizations, Obom translates his message into practical applications that impact corporate culture and group performance.

"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."

Obom Bowen’s ability as a consummate teacher and mentor has brought him to some of the world’s hot spots: to the leaders of Northern Ireland, where he has worked since the mid-2000’s; to Guatemala, where he has worked since the signing of the peace accords in 1995; In 2004, he brought his considerable talents to bear in an ongoing partnership with University of California head football coach, Pete Carroll, to make a positive difference in South Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Guyana, South America, Obom immigrated to the United States and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After his retirement in San Diego, California, he and Ana, his wife, met then moved to Georgia where they still make their home. Obom received his Bachelor’s Degree from Central Texas University. He went on to earn an MA in Education from the University of Chapel Hill, with a major focus in the mental health sciences.

Obom is the internationally recognized and best-selling author of the popular books The Philosophy of Success and Passion 365.

In the final analysis, Obom Bowen is a masterful teacher and educator who is remarkably successful at empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.

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“Dr. Bowen gives his mind, body and soul to us sharing every level of success imaginable. He’s the guy you want to be in a fox hole with.”

John Sommers
Next Level Success Strategies

“What Dr. Bowen does that others don’t do is he gives you the tools and he provides you the education to actually change your mindset around.”

Tammy Reoch
Unleash Your Voice

"It was a phenomenal experience working together, Dr. Bowen and his wife Ana are amazing hosts Mentors and teachers. The experience at the Hawaii Mastermind is in-explainable, I'm ready to go back"

Vicki Colt
Rock Your Life